Coronavirus and Iron Mile/Workout for March 16, 2020


Gym adjustments:

•Youth 12 and older can come to class with you at additional no cost for the entire week 3/16-3/21. (After this week, youth will be $5 per class. Venmo or cash accepted.)

•At home workouts (many of them workouts that Coach Ben has done himself) will be posted each day on the Iron Mile Family Facebook Group for those who wish to stay at home.


•If you exhibit signs of sickness please stay home.

•Wash your hands with soap and water before coming onto the workout floor.

•Wipe down YOUR OWN bars, medballs, abmats, pullup stations, or any other equipment used for the workout. Also, if your floor space has been exposed to sweat or other bodily fluids please spray it down. Wipes and sprays will be provided in the gym.

•Please keep kids off the workout floor. It’s dangerous plus they are far more touchy. The kids area provided is where all kids not participating in fitness activities should remain. If they are outside with no adult supervision be aware that there are more cars than ever driving through the parking lot area. THE OPEN GYM AREA IS NOT AN EXTENDED KIDS AREA!


Part A: Lunges
Choose overhead, front rack, or
Back rack lunges. Step forward.

Part B: 20 min AMRAP
1, 2, 3…(add 1 rep each round)
Clean and Jerk
1 round of Cindy

*round 1 is 1 clean and jerk+5
Pullups+10 push-ups, 15 squats.
Round 2 is 2 clean and jerks+5
Pull-ups+10 push ups+15 squats.
Round 3 is 3 clean+jerks+5/10/15

T1: 95/65 or less and modify bw
Movements to more doable
T2/T3: 135/95

Sunday, March 15th, 2020 at 6:16 pm / WODS