Gabi Blanco

General Manager / Coach

Sport and fitness have always played a huge part of my life. And to be quite honest, it was a HARD transition going from year around basketball/volleyball and weightlifting in High School to the realities of juggling a job, going to college and hitting the Globo gym once in a blue moon.

In 2012, I stumbled upon a Groupon for a nearby gym and figured it would be a good fit for my busy scheduleā€¦the rest is history. I enjoyed the fact that I could get a lot of work done in one hour, apply existing skills yet continue to learn new ones, make progress and feed my friendly competitive spirit!

I grew to love fitness so much that in 2015, I took my first certified trainers course so I could share my knowledge and passion with others. In 2020, I obtained a certification as a Nutrition Coach and currently run my own Nutrition Coaching Program. I truly believe that movement and good eating habits are the best medicine. Nothing makes me happier than seeing clients of all ages prioritizing their health, making fitness and nutrition a part of their normal routine and loving it as I do.

What type of certifications do you have?

CrossFit L-2 Trainer
USA-Weightlifting L1
Certified Nutrition Coach