There are a few things you may have noticed around the gym. If you have been in at all over the past week you have seen more of our new General Manager Gabi, seen the “LIFT. MOVE. SERVE.” sign up along the wall, and a lot of new faces in the gym.

With all this growth we want to beef up our gym equipment and replace certain pieces of equipment. The first things we are selling is 5 rowers ($650 a piece) and 5 bikes ($550 per piece). These items were just serviced a month ago and in this service all Assault Bike seats were replaced along with one monitor. If you would like one before we announce this to the general public; please text Coach Ben at 530-908-7678 and let him know ASAP!

We look …

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Monday March 28, 2022

Warm Up

3 rounds
40 Double Unders or 6 misses
6 Barbell DL


20 minutes
6 sets of 2 DL + 1 Power Clean

*Drop and Reset after each DL and use the time to build up to a weight and perform all 6 working sets at the same weight.


6 min AMRAP
Power Snatch
*20/15 cal bike or row every 2 minutes inc the start

Rest 2 min

6 min AMRAP
*20/15 cal bike or row every 2 minutes inc the start

T1: modify weights and movements as needed
T2: 135/95
T3: 165/115 and bar muscle ups

score is the sum total of snatches plus pull ups

Friday March 18, 2022


AMRAP in 31 minutes
Buy-In: 51 Burpees
Then in the remaining time, AMRAP of:
3 Bear Complexes 135/95 lb
15/10 Cal Assault Bike
18 Pull-Ups
*Every 7 minutes, complete 51 Double Unders

T1: Modify as needed
T2: As written

Thursday March 17, 2022


Front Squat+Split Jerk
In 15 min build to a heavy single. Then if time allows continue to work singles at 80% of daily max.


3 rounds
20 DB Snatch
15 Box Jump Overs
3 Rounds
10 Alternating Devil Press
15 Box Jump Overs

15 min cap

T1: Modify as needed
T2: As written w 50s/35s
T3: 75/50

Wednesday March 16, 2022


4 sets
10 Incline Bench Press
or 10 Incline DB Press

Beach Muscles (Day 2 of 2)

Partitioned Any Way

150 Jumping Pull Ups
120 Push Ups
90 Ring Rows
60 DB Hang Power Cleans

Buy in with:
3 mile bike or 1 mile run (10 laps or gps your own route).

30 min cap*

T1: Modify as needed
T2: 50/35s
T3: Unpartitioned and 30 HSPUs at the end.