Did you move???

Maybe your journey has you in a new place. Maybe that area is far far away from us. Maybe the one thing you are still missing is getting back to an effective fitness program.

  • Have you let your good habits fall by the wayside?
  • Have you struggled to get back into a routine?
  • Have you lost confidence because of the way you feel, look, or live?

Well, Coach Ben and Stef have begun helping people all over reach their goals and regain confidence with nutrition help, flexible training and a high accountability approach.

If you are ready to get back at it, shoot Coach Ben a text at 530-908-7678, DM @ironmile_ben or @stef_alderman!


Labor Day, Strength Focus and 100º Days

Monday, Labor Day, is one class only at 10 am

Tuesday through Friday expect an emphasis on strength and muscle tone due to the excessive heat.

Also, in case you missed it THIRSTY THURSDAYS are back for September! Ask a coach how to get your FREE FITAID.

Friday August 12, 2022

Typically we release workouts on SugarWOD now but the site had technical difficulties so we brought back the blog and email.


2 Rounds(4 Laps)
1 Lap Right Hand Farmer Carry
1 Lap Left Hand Farmer Carry

Goal here is to help correct some of our symmetry issues, work on hip stability and even build core strength by engaging our obliques in a different way. Walk and try to remain on balance and not leaning to counter the weight of the Kettlebell.


1 Rope Climb
20 Wallballs 20/14

Partners are working together on this AMRAP except during two 3-minute intervals. From 0-3:00 one partner will bike for max calories.…

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How To Get Stronger | Concrete Strength

The pursuit of strength is not quite as universal as the pursuit of happiness but, if you are like me; they are nearly one and the same. For as long as we know kids have tried to pick up big rocks and men have tried to pick up big weights. Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and Strongman competitions have, up until recently, been primarily male sports. Now, we see more women than ever getting involved in weightlifting programs, CrossFit, and even dabbling in strongman and powerlifting. The pursuit of strength has never been more universal than it is today.

It would also be safe to say that there is more information to sort through than ever before. Oddly enough though, as records have been broken and limits are being pushed, so…

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Thirsty Thursdays is Coming and the Wednesday Workout

Every Thursday during the month of June will be Thirsty Thursday. That means, if you come in and post your class workout result on SugarWOD, you get a free Fitaid of your choice! Just show the coach of the class you are at and you are good to go!

Wednesday Workout


Every :90 x 12 minutes
3 Push Jerks+1Split Jerks

Row 2000 m/Ski 1800 m
21 cleans
15 thrusters
Row 1000 m/Ski 900 m
15 cleans
12 thrusters
Row 500 m/Ski 450 m
9 cleans
9 thrusters

Time cap: 20 min cap

T1: modify weights and movements as needed
T2: 135/95
T3: unbroken thrusters