A Lesson 10 Years in the Making…

The Iron Mile.

More than a decade ago now, I put a 275 lb Read More

Booty Builder or Cardio Burn?

If you don’t know, we run all of our workouts on SugarWOD.

Which do yo prefer the Booty Builder or the Cardio Burn???

Better choose wisely ooorrrrrrrr just do two classes in a row.

An Important Sunday Announcement!

Last year, Iron Mile had an amazing time at the Nor Cal Classic. It wasn’t just that the Nor Cal Classic was so amazing, it was BECAUSE SO MANY OF YOU signed up to compete! We had teams and scaled athletes all over the place, not to mention; masters and even a teen athlete.

This year there will again be Scaled, Elite, Masters and Teens along with Individuals and for the first time, Pairs! The Online Qualifier starts next week and is literally designed for all of you to come along side and jump in. We will do all the workouts at the gym during regular class times.
Maybe you secretly want to be out there competing at the main event or maybe you just want to support NCC and see what it feels like to do these wo…

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The 25 Mile Challenge!

Anyone and everyone, come try the 25 mile challenge!

WHY??? To jump start your fitness, to try something challenging yet doable, to say that you did… Take your pick!!!

When??? December 26-31 (We are going to use “Dead week” to our advantage)

Simple to participate. 5 out of 6 days this week, Assault Bike 5 miles a day (approximately 15 minutes) for 5 days this week!

*If you miss a day, better do 10 miles the next day!

5 miles=8000 meters


On the 12th Day of Christmas, My Coaches Gave to Me…

The 12 Days Of Christmas Workout is this SATURDAY!

Over the past decade this has been a real favorite of the Iron Mile Family so please come as this workout has something for everyone. With the gym growing and changing so much this year many of you will get to do this workout for the first time. It is one of the best ways to set up all the eating and indulging in over the weekend. If you have friends and family in town feel free to bring them!

We hope to see you at 10 am.


Coach Ben

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