There are a few things you may have noticed around the gym. If you have been in at all over the past week you have seen more of our new General Manager Gabi, seen the “LIFT. MOVE. SERVE.” sign up along the wall, and a lot of new faces in the gym.

With all this growth we want to beef up our gym equipment and replace certain pieces of equipment. The first things we are selling is 5 rowers ($650 a piece) and 5 bikes ($550 per piece). These items were just serviced a month ago and in this service all Assault Bike seats were replaced along with one monitor. If you would like one before we announce this to the general public; please text Coach Ben at 530-908-7678 and let him know ASAP!

We look forward to supporting you in all your fitness needs. If you need anything reach out to any Iron Mile Coach!

Thursday, March 31st, 2022 at 8:08 pm / WODS