(Ideally, don’t do BB Club. Up to you though. But if you do bb club just do that and part A) 5k. If you can’t run then do a 7500 m row.)

Warm up: 5 min assault bike

Mobilize 10 min

A) run 5k

B) with a partner


Cal assault bike

Kb swing 70/53

Box jump over 24/20

This is done chipper style. So, partner 1 starts on assault and does 27 cal. Partner 2 jumps on and does 18. Partner 1 finishes with 9. Partner 2 then starts the kb and finishes 27. Partner 1 does 18, and so on. Once the final box jump over is finished rest exactly 5 min and repeat with opposite human as partner 1 and vice versa.

If you have no partner just do some lame indi version with some scheduled breaks.

Saturday, September 17th, 2016 at 8:35 am / Competitive