Warm up

8 min assault+8x:40/:20


A) 20 min EMOM

Even: 5 touch n go power cleans

Odd: 5 bar mu

Power cleans think heavy. Bar muscle ups think of a Rep count you can get done in :35 or less. No bar muscle ups? 10 strict dips… preferably unbroken

B)repeat this whole sequence 3 x

1:30 AMRAP

20 unbroken wallballs 30/20

Max distance broad jumping with remaining time

Rest :30

15 unbroken wall balls 30/20

Rest 2 min

Unbroken does not mean rest at the bottom of the squat. It means move through 20 then move right to broad jumps

C) class

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 at 6:40 am / Competitive