Warm up:
10 min emom (should be able to nose breathe this)
Even: 12/9 cal row
Odd: 1 round of Cindy


A) 4x
3 min
15 kb UNBROKEN swings 100/70
w/ remaining time plate ground to ovhd 45/35*
Rest :90

Goal is to stay under the load and keep moving as the whole time w/ the plate. IF YOU ARE CLOSE TO 15 unbroken then stay at that load. If not then move to the next weight. This is supposed to be very challenging! If you can do 15 no problem then do 20 then move directly to the plate.

B) class workout

C) every 10:00 for 30:00
3/2 Legless rope climbs(less than :90 )
30 v-ups (less than :90)
2 mile assault(less than 6:00)

Friday, August 18th, 2017 at 4:45 am / Competitive