Warm up:

Chill Row 4 min + 4 x :20 sprint/40 chill


A) class

B) FOR TIME(30 min cap)

<1 min x 10 rounds

12/9 cal bike + 10 ghd

Rest as needed to complete both movements inside a 1 min or less window.

Time is the the point at which you start the first round until your final ghd on your last round.

C) emom until failure

Even: 5 deadlifts 365/265

Odd: 2 Burpee muscle up*

Add 1 Burpee mu every round(2 rounds for girls) until failure. If you don’t have muscle ups start with 4 Burpee chest to bar and add 1 rep each round. Score last completed minute.

Monday, August 28th, 2017 at 3:18 am / Competitive