Warm up:

10 rounds

Rolling 150’s 3/2 muscle ups +/-1 for every meter. If you are failing or breaking into multiple sets just do 3/2 + 1 mu if you don’t land exact.

If no muscle ups;

10 rounds

Rolling 150’s 3 chest to bar+4 ring dip +/-1 RING DIP ONLY for every meter.


A) 12 min emom

Same minute. 10/7 cal row+10 pull-ups

At any point after completing 4 successful minutes you can move to 12/9+10 then do so.

If you fail take a minute off and get back on track or cut down your reps to what you think you can get consistently.

B) class metcon. Push this pace guys!

C) 3x 3 Deadlift + 3 sumo deadlift

New set every 2-3 minutes

D) weakness work

Monday, August 21st, 2017 at 4:00 am / Competitive