If you only have an hour then just do class.

Warm up:
2 mile bike+3 rounds of Cindy.


A) 15 min emom
1 squat clean and jerk start at 70-75% of your 1 rm and work up or down from there based on how you feel. Should be no misses. If you miss twice then stop and move on.

B) 1 up to 10 (15 min cap)
Unbroken Muscle Up
30' unbroken hsw

*this could be impossible for some. Utilize the cap and scale movements. If you don't have MU then use jumping muscle ups. If your best hsw will not allow you to complete hsw unbroken you can just get as far as you can in 2 sets. If you speculate your 2 sets will often be less than 20' on most rounds then sub out hsw for 30 shoulder taps. Free standing is better for these if possible.

C) same as class… but indi. (20 min cap)
800 m run
75 thrusters 75/55
75/55 cal row
75 burpees

3 x 20 TEMPO back rack walking lunge
Tempo on these should be very controlled and as heavy as possible. Think about moving at half speed through the reps. Jog 200 m and rest as needed between sets.

1 max set + 10 sets of 5/3 unbroken strict chest to bar chin-ups. If strict chest to bar are not doable then scale to strict chin-ups chin over bar. If you can't do 5/3 in a row then do same rep counts and format with elevated feet ring row.

Sunday, August 13th, 2017 at 5:45 pm / Competitive