A. 3x(if d balls are back from woodland)

4/3 burpee bar mu

100m run

4 dball over bar* 100/70

100 m dball carry

Rest 3 min

*bar is set up at shoulder height and secured in place. Another bar is set up at knee height. The ball is thrown over the bar and the athlete goes below the bottom bar to get to the other side. 

B. Run 1 mile**

Into 5 rounds

20 ghd sit ups

7 power cleans 205/125

Time cap: 20 min

**Sub for 1750 ski or 2k row

C. 3 bench press emom x 10 min

starting weight is ideally somewhere north of body weight/75% body weight and builds if possible

Saturday, May 11th, 2019 at 7:19 am / Competitive