I feel like this may be one of the toughest training days. Some of you may not do it all but, if it feels hard; it’s by design.

Next week we take a break from hypertrophy training.

Warm up

2k row about 1 min slower than your pr


A) front squat 7×5

Plyo jumps same as last week

Farmer carries 5×50

B) 10 power snatches 165/110

50 lateral burpees

10 squat snatches 165/110

40 lateral burpees

10 power snatches 185/125

10 muscle ups

10 squat snatches 185/125

5 muscle ups

C) weakness Metcon 

Cardio piece+weakness+gymnastic piece

At least 15 min long.

Saturday, July 9th, 2016 at 1:01 pm / Competitive