Warm up: 

Rolling 100’s 

3 muscle ups +/-1 for each meter. Cap at 6 total per set. Also MU must be done in one set. 


A) trying to keep this weightlifting portion in here. Help me by adhering to the time constraints and no-misses standard when stated.

15 minutes max

5×2 Touch n go Power Clean. No star fishing and no misses.

A.1) 10 minutes max

clean pulls 


B) Back squat 6×2 at 80%

C) teams of 3

Row 6k. Alternating every 250m. Before getting on for your next turn you must do 40′ hsw or assault bike 15/12 cal; whichever is better suited to your weakness.

D) 6 rounds 

200 m med ball run 30/20

10 burpees 

5 strict hspu


Accumulate 3 min D Ball hold 100/70*

Accumulate 2 min Legless hang on the rope

Accumulate 1 min Isometric Front Squat hold just above parallel** Shorter high out put burst are better than long low intensity set.

*D ball hold(front of the body. Bear hug. Keep below the shoulder and above the waist.)

**For this set up the squat rack with the safety pins high enough that if you try to stand up a Barbell the pins would stop you just above parallel. Drive the Barbell into the pins even though you won’t move(unless you are strong enough to use the rack, in which case add load to the Barbell to make it harder to press into the pins.) should feel like when you are fighting through a tough squat!

Thursday, July 6th, 2017 at 10:58 pm / Competitive