Warm up:
Row 2500 m

Mobilize as needed

A) 4×4 back squat at 90%

B) Jerk Balance
Build to 1 rm. no pressouts!

C) class

D) :30 on :30 off x 10 min
Free standing hand stand. (You have a :30 window to work)

kipping/back swing work+muscle up work
15 minutes

Ideally this would be 4-5 kipping swings with a focus on a long extended back swing and staying tight as you come through into the hollow on the front swing. Finish the set with a solid muscle up or two. Rest and repeat as possible. If you don't have a muscle up work for 15 minutes on developing your swing and then do 5 minutes of transition work.

F) additional metcon or weakness

Friday, July 28th, 2017 at 12:50 pm / Competitive