Warm up

Row 1k sprint last 250m+3 rounds 7 ring pull-ups 14 push ups 21 squats+1k row sprint FIRST 250m

A) 4 rounds 

35 ghd sit-ups

7 power snatch 205/135

B) class metcon(but with v-ups; unless for some reason you have to only do class WOD or do class WOD first then do ghd sit-ups.)



-300′ hsw

-60 strict chin-ups. If your opening set is less than 5 scale to 40 chins. If your opening set is less than 3 go back to 60 but add the lightest band possible to get 7 unbroken.

300 dubs. Ideally this would be one set. Two sets of 150 or even 3 sets of 100 is still good.

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 at 3:23 am / Competitive