5 ways to offset stress & Daily workout 9/2/21

Stress comes in many different forms and seemingly from all angles these days. Having a plan can limit the damaging effects it can have on your mindset and your health.

1. Hydrate

Its simple. In fact it’s so simple that many of us assume that we are drinking enough water when we really aren’t. Our body is over up to 60% water so it’s crucial that we are replenishing what we need. If you got poor sleep, you’ll need more. If it’s hot, you’ll need more. If you workout, you’ll need more. Conventional wisdom says 64 oz a day but this is just a start. Add to your intake based on activity and circumstance and you’ll fend off stress much better.

2. Sleep

When we don’t sleep we don’t have the time to recover that our body is designed to get. This means we start our day at a deficit having not recovered from the day before adequately and now piling on the impact of our current one. Naps can offset a poor night sleep and help you deal with the negative impacts of stress.

3. Alcohol

Whether we want to admit it our not, alcohol is a toxin. Your body goes into overdrive to metabolize it when it’s present. Everything in moderation. A glass of wine might be a part of your repertoire but it’s important to give your digestive system/metabolism the breaks it needs from alcohol to digest the good quality foods that you are putting into it. This metabolic optimization will help you deal with uncontrollable stress that factors into your day.

4. Food

You cannot overfeed an organism over time and expect it to be healthy. Likewise, you cannot under feed an organism over time and expect it to be healthy. Eating the appropriate amount of food keeps you healthy. This harmonious balance of calories in versus calories burned, will help you be in a good place to offset stress that is certainly coming throughout your daily life.

5. Exercise

You knew it was coming. Exercise is one of the few things that you can add into your day that will truly tip the scales in your favor. Your heart takes a beating when it is stressed out so it’s important to do something healthy for it. Your hormones go haywire under stress and one of the best ways to regulate your body back to normal is to add in resistance exercises and to get your heart rate up. Enjoy making fitness fun and doing it with people who value the same thing you do; HEALTH!

Bonus* Talking about the things that stress you out with people who care about you or a God who loves you is a very good way to not give yourself over to crippling anxiety and worry.

Warm Up

Bike 5 min

Mobilize as needed

Team 5k Row (switch



:90 on/:90 off x 15 min

8 Push Ups

12 jumping lunges

Max burpees in remaining


Score is number of

burpees from lowest round

T1: modify as needed. Finish the work before the burpees in :55-1:05

T2: as written

T3: 3/2 bar muscle ups instead of 8 push ups

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021 at 8:21 pm / WODS