Warm up: row 2500 m w/3x150m sprints


Gymnastics weakness:* Option 1) Butterfly Chest to bar. Goal is to have 20 ub by regionals.

Option 2) Legless Rope Climbs… Goal is to be able to get 2-3+ every :90 by regionals.

Option 3) muscle ups. Goal is to PR your best set of ub by 2-3 by regionals.

*these numbers will take more than just trying harder. It will take refinement of techniques and getting stronger in certain areas. And it will take daily commitment.

A) 14.4 regional team event


21-15-9: 4-3-2

Thruster 135/95: Rope Climb

B) 6 minute AMRAP W/partner

100 m empty sled push*

Every 100 m add 45 lb plate. 

B.1) immediately following B) 

6 min to take 3 attempts at 1 rm hang snatch

C) 75 deficit hspu 8″/4″ for time

Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at 6:30 am / Competitive