Warm up:10 rounds(15 min max): rolling 150’s; row a 1:40/1:55 and try to stop right on the 150m mark. For every 1m over/under add a muscle up. If you hit 150m on the nose… 3/2 muscle ups. 

Mobilize: 20-40 min

Weakness work: up to 1 hour. On this day think about the movement you suck at second worse. (Remember that kipping ring dips are a skill)

A) 30 min emom

Min 1: 5 tng barbell sdhp

Min 2: 5 front squats 

Min 3: 5/3 strict hspu

B) 40 butterfly Ctb pullups+3 min rest+30 butterfly Ctb+2 min rest+20 butterfly chest to bar pullups

C) team workout 2 boys+2 girls

1 athlete must be hanging from pull-up bar and one must be at ring support for any reps to count.

50 hang squat snatches 115/75+50 hang power snatches 115/75.

At completion of the reps all four athletes move to the handstand walk. 75′ each. 1 athlete at a time. Must finish before next athlete can start.

D) class if you like.

Friday, April 15th, 2016 at 5:34 am / Competitive