Warm up:

Emom x 10 min: row 18/16 cal

Immediately into 10 min chill pace row

Mobilize 20+ minutes

Gymnastics weakness: highest priorities butterfly chest to bar, muscle up, and handstand push-up. 

A) guy girl pairs

21 synchro snatches 115/75

15 synchro snatches 135/95

9 synchro snatches 165/115

B) front squat 10 unbroken Front squats at BW. Rest 2 min hit a heavy single. 8 fs at BW. Rest 2 min hit heavy single. All the way down to 2+heavy single 

C) 5 min AMRAP

30 dubs+10 ttb

D) class

Sunday, April 10th, 2016 at 11:34 pm / Competitive