Little different today… going to build in another cycle of aerobic work; running.

We have emphasized rowing and biking with huge success in my opinion for those of us who have been consistently hitting the full warm ups. 

Volume will start low and build over the next six weeks.

Warm Up: 6 min chill pace run + 6x :15 sec fastest jog(just below sprint)/:45 recovery run

Mobilize 20 min w/1 pegboard every 4-5 min

A) 4x w/1:1 work rest ratio

Row 20/16 cal+15 chest to bar+row 15/12+15 wall balls 

B) 8 min chill ski erg, run or bike

Rest 4 min(active rest:go for a walk)

8 min chill ski erg, run or bike(something different than first)


 20 ghd hip extensions + 20 bird dogs + 5 max height vertical jumps x 3 rounds

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 at 5:59 am / Competitive