Warm up:

14 min Assault plus 6 x :20 sprint/:40 chill

Mobilize as needed

A) not optional: 10 min clock

100/75 cal row*

W/remaining time max sets of 5 no belt deads 315/205… load may be scaled if you have general weakness or injury.

*first set of deads must be completed before the 5 min mark. Penalty for not completing this is 100/75 cal row following the 10 min mark.

 B) class metcon only. 

C) 1 split jerk emom x 20(do not do between 6-7 pm)

D)4×15 ring dips 

If these are easy scale up; not reps but load or tempo changes. If they are hard scale reps or use bar.

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 at 7:34 am / Competitive