Warm up… 

Run 1 mile

Mobilize hips x 5 min, hamstrings x 5 min, calves x 5 min

Row 1500 m with 100 m sprints 3x wherever you want.

A) run 200 m

Light Fran(45 lbs)

Run 200 m

Light Power Elizabeth(75 lbs)

Run 200 m

B) 3 x 25 ghdsu 

C)Anderson squats

10 x 1 (all sets the same weight… Heavy! If your worried you won’t make all 10 then it’s probably heavy enough. And if you only make 8 because it’s so heavy, that’s WAYYYY better than not going heavy enough.)

Saturday, March 19th, 2016 at 3:40 pm / Competitive