Warm up10 burpees emom for 10 minutes
MOBILIZE for 20 minutes
A) split jerk to max
B) 10 down to 1

Shoulder to overhead 205/135

Chest to bar

Box jump 24/20

(If the round of 10’s takes longer than 1:45, scale. If you can’t go unbroken on the three movements on round of 10’s, scale. If you can’t rebound every set of box jumps the whole way, scale.)
C) 3 rounds

Run 400m+25 ghd+15 hip ext+rest 1 min

(Run so fast you don’t want to do 25 ghd right away… And then do them right away.)
D) class is like a blended version of what we are doing here today. Although the pull-ups and box jumps probably will have a very different pacing in each workout. Do class if you want, but most definitely try to do it after. Chest to bars after pull-ups for some of you will be tough and the scaling notes from the 10 down to 1 still apply.

Friday, February 5th, 2016 at 1:46 pm / Competitive