2 days left to experience Iron Mile as you know it…

In 2 days we will close the current IM to prep for opening on January 5th at our new location off N Freeway next to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Today, the goal isn’t to go Tier 2, Teir 3 or keep up with someone who is built differently than you. The goal is to work hard, exceed your own expectations, and not believe the self defeating lies that we tell ourselves.


WARM UP: 3 rounds

250 m row
10 up downs
10 medball front squats

then Mobilize

:30 Tricep Stretch per side
:30 squat stretch
:30 pigeon per side

Strength: 4 sets
10-15 seated Arnold Press
10-15 rear delt fly

Workout: Elimination by DB Power Clean + Wallball

Min 1: 1 db power clean+1 wall ball
Min 2: 2 db power clean+2 wall ball
Min 3: 3+3
continue in this pattern until you are unable to make the required work within the minute. Score is the number of the last successfully completed minute.

T1: adjust workout as needed. Once eliminated, row 1000m, ski 1000 m or bike 2 miles for time.
T2: 50/35s and 20/14 to 10’. Once eliminated, row1000m, ski 1000 m or bike 2 miles for time.
T3: 50/35s and 20/14 to 10’ Once eliminated, rest 2 min and then do 3 rounds of 10+10 for time. Then row 1000m, ski 1000 m or bike 2 miles for time.

10 down to 1
Strict ring pull up
10 ovhd plate lunges 45/35

Monday, December 28th, 2020 at 9:21 pm / WODS