If your an athlete expecting to contribute to our open scores; your primary goal this week is staying healthy. 

Many of you can think of a workout that you could put together that would allow you to be competitive with anyone in the box. Know that workout could come up Thursday and you need to be at your best!

Warm up:

10 bf burpees emom for 10 min


A) 20 min emom

Min 1: 15 burpees

Min 2: 15 cal row

Min 3: 15 cal assault

Min 4: 1 heavy clean and jerk

B) from ct

3 rounds

15 deadlifts 225/155

30 wall balls 

60 dubs 

B.1) immediately do 45 ctb pull-ups 

C) 15 ghd+15 ttb+15 hollow rocks+15 ttb+15 ghd rest 3 minutes. Do 1 more time.

Monday, February 22nd, 2016 at 5:42 am / Competitive