Warm up:

12 min emom

Min 1: 12 burpees

Min 2: 15 kb swings 

Min 3: 20 Barbell Thrusters 


A) 9-6-3/5-3-1strict mu

Chill ski or row between sets. Goal is unbroken.

B) 50 triple unders

C) 10 r arm db power snatch 95/65

20/15 cal legs only bike

10 l arm db power snatch

20/15 cal bike

Rest 3 min

Repeat 1 more time.

D) 5 sets of 10 chest to bar for precision.

E) power clean+front squat build up. No ugly reps and no starfishing. Feet do not move between clean and front squat.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 5:56 am / Competitive