Warm up

Row 1000 m

Then tabata assault bike. 

Tabata ab mat sit up

15 minutes of mobility.

A) bar facing Linda(30:00 cap)

Linda as usual but with bar facing burpees of the rep count you are on before every movement. So you’ll actually end up doing 3x as many burpees as you do any of the other 3 movements. 

Also I get questions like, “I can do this weight but it’s going to take me forever. What should I do?” Um I don’t know… Take forever! Or just go faster…. Stop being a pansy and figure out how to get it done.


B) 3 btk hang snatches emom for 10 minutes. Weight should be the same cross all 10 minutes. If you move up, start the emom over from there. If you miss and go down start over. All reps should be linked. 

B.1)start right at 10:00. max sets of 5/2 muscle ups in 3 minutes. 

Separate Session 

C) class

Friday, February 19th, 2016 at 5:48 am / Competitive