Warm up

Row 200/160 cal (7 sprint pulls every 20 cal)


Optional: Barbell Club

A) if barbell club was really heavy consider skipping this. Or just go home and do it later in the day. 

20 back squats body weight+10 walking lunges bw


15 back squats bw+15 walking lunges bw


10 back squats+20 walking lunge bw

B) work on your biggest gymnastics weakness. Do 50 or even 100 of them. Then do an accessory movement that strengthens that weakness. Then do 3×10 strict reps using the antagonist muscle groups. 

C) rowing

3×300 w :30 between intervals

Rest 2 min

3×200 w :30 between intervals

Rest 2 min

Row 1k

Saturday, February 13th, 2016 at 5:08 pm / Competitive