Warm up: athletes choice strict chin ups and reverse hypers

5 min of mobility

A) run 2 miles every 3 minutes 20 walking lunges. Use the longest lunge possible for these. Step in the direction you are running.

B) 10 min mobility

C) partner Iron Mile

1 mile yoke carry 315/225 w 3 burpees over the yoke each as a penalty for switches and drops.

D) 5 min mobility(loosen up those hips)

E) 10 min emom

Even) 2 power cleans 225/155+2 muscle ups

Odd) 2(or more) power cleans+2(or more) muscle ups

Score is total Power cleans+total muscle ups. Minimum work is 2 of each every minute. If you don’t get that, your score for that round is zero 🙁

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 at 6:47 am / Competitive