You may not have time for everything people. But get after what you can!

Warm up5 min :30 on :30 off

-Bear crawl(tri-pedal)

-double under

-hollow rock 

A) barbell row w/2 sec negative 5×5

B) barbell row 5×10 same weight

C) 3 rounds: 10 SHSPU+10 DB press 

Rest as needed for max load(3 min or so)


5 rounds

20 box jumps 24/20.                             13 KB swings 70/53. 6 alt DB snatch 80-100lbs/50-70 lbs

E) 100 heavy slam balls to shoulder 100/70

F) class metcon

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 at 6:12 am / Competitive