If your going to do class skip at least two portions of this.

Warm upRow 8 minutes+5 minutes of :15 sprint/:45 chill pace

4 rounds 25 wallballs+20 push-ups+15 toes to bar+3 min mobility 

Rest exactly 10 min between each part of A, B, and C.

A) 18 min AMRAP row 1k+15 strict hspu+10 push press 135/95+3 legless rope climbs

B) 10 min EMOM 

2 power cleans 225-275/135-165

And 2 muscle ups

C) 5 min AMRAP 5 back squats 275/185+100m run
D) class

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 at 6:15 am / Competitive