Work in class at some point. Preferably after all of this. Sub out class skill for building to a heavy snatch pull… Elbows high and outside and driving hard with the legs.

Warm Up

4 rounds 

1 mile chill assault bike

60′ bear crawl

10 cal SPRINT row

A) Synchronized AMANDA

One athlete will perform AMANDA in its traditional order

One athlete will perform AMANDA in the opposite order

Each rep must be synchronized

Athlete one performs first MU while Athlete two performs first snatch

Both must hit ext/lockout at the same time or rep does not count

B) Open Workout 14.4

C) 4 rounds NFT

5 back squats+10 deadlifts+15 box jumps+1 power clean

225/155 for first round. Build up weight each round.

Rest as needed.

Monday, December 28th, 2015 at 4:53 am / Competitive