Warm up

5 min row+5 min bike+5 min single under


A) class but if you do it with another competitor multiply rep counts by 3. 120/90/60/30. And sub wallballs for pistols.



Power Snatch 115/75

1 mile bike

C)  5 unbroken(or best effort)sets of

9 pull-ups+6 chest to bar+3 bar mu

Can be done as 3+2+1 unbroken as well. The goal is to transition seamlessly between movements. Holding onto the bar, dead hanging, then restarting the next movement defeats the purpose.

D) accessory nft;

3×10 sots press, 3×10 muscle snatch, 3×10 ghd barbell row, 3×10 Arnold press

Friday, December 23rd, 2016 at 5:00 am / Competitive