Please see this as general programming. If you know you need to work on something else you should be doing that something else. This programming will build weaknesses and create strengths but, it will not deal aggressively enough with massive weaknesses. Make friends with your weakness and then kill it.

Warm up


2 min row

100′ duck walk

100′ bear crawl


A) 2 min on 3 min off x 4

5 power snatch

10 power cleans

15 deadlifts

AMRAP HSPU’s w/remaining time

Round 1: 165/110

Round 2: 185/125

Round 3: 205/135

Round 4: 225/155

If you think you can’t get through snatches in under 1 minute then stay at the weight from previous round. If you can’t do the weight from round 1; sub a 20 min EMOM of 2 power snatches for this.

B) 18 min EMOM


15 cal row

12 burpees over the rower

C) for time

25 ghd sit-ups

100 hollow rocks

25 ghd sit-ups

Run 1 mile

Saturday, November 25th, 2017 at 3:21 am / Competitive