warm up(move quickly between movements); this is a long warm up but very necessary.

10 min chill pace run

5 min emom cal row 18/12

A) 100 broad jumps X 6’/4′

E2mom 10 pull-ups (inc. at the start.) until 100 pull-ups. If you finish broad jumps before you reach 100 pull-ups just finish out your remaining pull-ups as fast as possible. 

B) cluster+thruster+push jerk 

rest :90 X 10… Similar weights here. Should all be pretty dang heavy.

C) 20 min emom (going to be rough)

Even: assault bike 18/12

Odd: 3 front squats from floor (pick a weight and stick w it. Should be pretty heavy. Also, fs is from the ground. Power clean it up, get tight and do your 3 fs.)

D) class at some point.

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 at 6:20 am / Competitive