Warm up


1 mile assault+50′ butt kickers+50’high knees

Assault bike watts 270/240

A) class

B) 50-35-20


Power clean 115/75

Cal row

C) weakness… don’t just think about ONE movement or ONE technique. If you can’t do something build the muscle that will allow you too. If you genuinely lack the strength for a movement then body build. And if it’s muscular size or raw strength Then do what athletes who have a priority to build strength. Weight lifters, body builders, and powerlifters don’t condition. Also, if your engine is a problem, don’t do 15 min of weakness 3x a week and expect it to catch up. 45 minutes a week isn’t enough to fix something big. 

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 at 4:39 pm / Competitive