Do this in order as written. Do not prioritize your weakness. If you can only finish a portion. Do warm up through B.

Warm up:

11 min emom of 11 burpees 

Mobilize as needed

A) 6 min clock

30 unbroken ttb and then max sets of 5 w/ remainder of time.*

*if you don’t make the unbroken ttb then there is a different path instead of doing max sets of 5.

If you make 20 or less, 5 sets of 15 unbroken ghd+15 unbroken hollow rocks.

If you make 20-29, 3 sets of 20 unbroken ghd+20 hollow rocks.

B) 10 min emom x 20 unbroken wallballs to 10’*

*if you don’t make it 3×15 unbroken wallballs+10 unbroken thrusters 115/75+5 heavy wallballs(30/20)

C) class

D) 4x

400 m row+10 strict hspu+10 pullups+10 burpees+4 Power Snatch 205/135+4 ohs 205/135 rest 2 min

Friday, November 18th, 2016 at 6:05 am / Competitive