Warm up:


Row 250 m

5/3 muscle ups


A) definitely try to do this before class

every 3 minutes for 18 min*

1 power clean+2 hang squat cleans+1 split jerk

*225/155 try to start here or heavier

B) class

C) 30 min EMOM*

First 10 min

7 strict chest to bar pull-ups

Next 10 min

7 strict toes to bar

Next 10 min

7strict deficit hspu 4/2″

*go for unbroken. Can be two sets. If not two sets or less scale the reps.


3 x 15

Bulgarian Split squat

3 x 15

Double dumbbell row

Friday, November 17th, 2017 at 5:42 am / Competitive