Warm up:

Run 1200 m

Mobilize 3 min

A) 2 rounds w/3 min rest between

Run 1200m*

*run 100m FAST jog 300m x 3=1200m

B) every 2 min for 8 min*

20 unbroken ctb 

*1 unbroken set only. If you don’t make it fine. If you can do more, wait for final set and do them there. Very creepy that Ben Bergeron programmed something very similar here.

C)11 min clock

 7 min AMRAP

15 ohs 115

15 ttb

With 4 min after

Max full snatch at body weight 

D) 5 rounds

10 burpees+100m sprint

Rest 1 min(or alt w partner)

Saturday, November 12th, 2016 at 4:24 pm / Competitive