warm up: 1000 m row+ 30 yard ovhd walking lunge 45/35+30 pull-ups rest 2 minutes.


A) 0-20 minutes

1 snatch emom

B) 20-40 minutes

1 clean and jerk emom

C) 45 min-55 min

3 front squats

D) class running skill(same as class but doesn’t have to be done in class… If you’re a competitor, you had better be running hard.

E) 10 min emom

3 power cleans 225/145+2 muscle ups

at the end of emom go right into 160′ hsw. 10 pistols each time you come down. If it takes you longer than 3:30 (13:30 on the clock) then do another 60′.

Friday, October 30th, 2015 at 4:47 am / Competitive