Warm up

4 min chill row+4×10 burpees+200 m


A) 30min easy aerobic threshold run that includes 10x15sec fast surges and 10x7sec max effort sprints (within 30min). Target an aerobic threshold pace based on your heart rate. A good rule for your targeted heart rate is 180 minus your age.

B) 10 min EMOM

Even: 10 ohs 205/135

Odd: 15 ghd

Adjust ohs load up or down to hold 10 reps unbroken each round. Ohs is from the floor.

B.1) 10 sets of 5 high quality deads 315/225. No belts

C) up to one hour of weakness.

Sunday, October 1st, 2017 at 10:52 pm / Competitive