BB Club if you really want to or feel like you need it. Otherwise, you can spend your 2 hours here. Also, I recognize time constraints so during bb club you may use the gym. Just don’t interfere with bb clubbers.

Warm up

Row 2 k

A) xx min emom

10/8 cal row+1 clean 225/155 until failure 

If you make it less than 10 min rest 1 min and go down in weight. If you make 10 min rest a minute and move to 245/165. Continue until failure at this weight.

B) 6 rounds

20 wallballs

10 chest to bar

C) 5×5 barbell row, 5×10 ghr, 5×40′ hsw

Saturday, October 15th, 2016 at 2:35 pm / Competitive