Warm up:

15 bar facing nose breathing burpees x 1 minute

11 bar facing nose breathing burpees x 9 minutes


A) 18 min EMOM

1: 6 double-kb push press

2: 4 free standing hspu

3: 2 back tuck or 2 front flip

This is meant to stretch you. Many of us will need to scale. For front/back flip you have got to pinpoint why you can’t do one and scale in a way that works on that. Be safe. Use a spotter.

B) class

C) 5 rounds

5 bench press 225/135

10 dball over the shoulder 100/70

D)up to one hour of weakness


3×8-10 ghr

3×8-10 single leg glute bride

3×8-10 single arm db press.

3×60′ hsw

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 at 5:34 am / Competitive