Warm up: 3 rounds

6 dball to shoulder 100/70

60’ bear hug

10 scap pull-ups

10 scap push ups


A. 5 rounds(22 min cap)

3 min EMOM 

4 (power clean + squat clean)






EMOM is 15 double unders+single unders the remainder of the minute.

So round 1 is a 3 min emom of 15 dubs each minute and single unders with the rest of each of the three minutes. Then after the 3 minute emom move to the first 4(power clean+squat clean) at 165/115. When finished move back to your jump rope for another 3 minute emom of 15 dubs and single unders. After 3 minute emom move two second bar weight. Keep going in this fashion adding weight each time you successfully complete a round.

B. Class


C. In 15 minutes complete as many different tasks as possible*

-Row 22/18 cal in 1 minute

-3/2 peg board climbs

-25/20 strict pull-ups

-15/12 unbroken butterfly CHIN-UPS

-:30 hold at top of a ring pull-up 

-3/2 unbroken L pull-ups or chin-ups 

-10/7 strict ring dips with feet elevated in line with the rings

-3 sets of 9/6 unbroken chest to bar pull-ups 

*if you finish them all start going back through the list.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 at 10:16 pm / Competitive