This is just good fitness… but if you are competing in any capacity in June you should definitely hit this.

Keep in mind contrast training. That is to say, the further you are from competition the less like the competition your training looks. This is good for both injury prevention, mental strength, and peak performance. But now we are getting close so time to get after it.

warm up:

run 1200 m

3 wall walks(slow and controlled)


A. 40 minutes

0-11 minutes

3 Mile Assault bike + max legless rope climbs

11-25 minutes

3k row + max alt Db Snatch 100/70***

25-40 minutes

3 mile assault bike+max sets of 5 deadlifts 365/245

B.  IM60

C. IMRecovery routine from yesterday.


Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 at 9:05 pm / Competitive