4 rounds

Ski 200 m slow

400 m run w 35/25

choose A or B.

A. 4 rounds

3/2 pegboard*

20 alternating db bench 50/35’s**

*if necessary lower the height of the pegboard. If further scaling is necessary then do peg pull-ups. Number of reps will very.

**db’s are held at lockout. Lower one and return it to the top. Then lower the other.


5 minutes

20 alternating arm devil press

Max mountain climbers

Rest 2 min

5 minutes

60 mountain climbers

Max alternating arm devil press

Rest 2 min

20 alternating devil press

60 mountain climbers

C. Class

Teams of 3!

450 cal assault bike

Before rotating back to the bike you must complete any one of the following:

5 muscle ups bar or ring

10 ghd sit-ups

15 wallballs

20 pull-ups

Saturday, January 11th, 2020 at 9:00 am / Competitive