Wednesday January 9, 2019

Saturday workshop from 2-4 pm. All members and guest welcome. Covering nutrition fundamentals, strength training basics, body composition, and pull-ups.

At the same time as the workshop we will also be hosting the Natomas Community Market! More fun vendors to explore when the workshop isnโ€™t specific to you! (If you want know any vendors feel free to encourage them to reach out)

20 minutes and 12 lifts
To find heaviest clean and jerk

WOD: 5 minute cap
30 C&J 135/95

*run this in two heats so athletes can use partner to help them keep track of reps.

Optional Finisher:

3 sets of 15-25 banded glute bridges

3 sets of 15-25 hollow rocks

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019 at 11:35 pm / WODS