Tuesday January 12, 2021

Day 1 at the new spot was incredible…

A steady morning followed by a packed house in the afternoon and five new members!

Tuesdays workout is a doozy and will test your ability to stay mentally tough with a barbell in your hands.




500 m row
4 rounds
5 barbell kang squats(good morning+squat+good morning)
5 barbell push press
10 alternating v-ups

Workout from the Nor Cal Classic: 3-2-1 Complex Ladder
(post workout listed below description)

Against a 3:00 clock:

3 rounds of:
3 deadlift
2 squat clean
1 shoulder to overhead

Elite/RX/Masters 35-49: (185/125) (205/135) (225/155) (245/165) (275/185) (295/205)

Scaled/Masters 50+: (115/75) (135/95) (155/105) (185/125) (205/135) (225/155)

*18:00 time cap

Workout Instructions

Athletes are only allowed one barbell and must do all loading/unloading themselves. ย If athlete completes 3 rounds under the cap, the clock extends to 6:00 and they must complete 3 additional rounds at the next weight. ย This pattern continues until the athlete fails to complete the required rounds at the required weight or until they clear the ladder.

Athletes may bank time as they go. ย Score is total time or total reps completed.

Monday, January 11th, 2021 at 8:45 pm / WODS